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The project was carried out during an internship at Ace Creatives in January 2021. I was assigned a fictitious task that involved redesigning the visual identity of Funky Frozen Yogurt, a Norwegian ice cream chain.

During a period of four weeks, the supervisor and I went through various phases of debriefing such as research, idea proposals and design solutions, as well as solving practical tasks related to the customer's brief.


The research question for the project was as follows:
"How to alternatively de-brife for a client in a design agency?"



The solutions presented are a proposal for the brief received from Funky Frozen Yogurt. In the brief, the target audience was set for millennia and gen z, and the style the customer wanted was "hippie" and "funky". They wanted this to be able to reach a younger generation and to stand out in the market.


Below you can see an alternative solution to their new visual identity.

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